Sunday, June 2, 2013

The One About the Move

Happy June!
Are you finished with school yet? If not, I hope it's coming to you soon. As I mentioned in the last post our last day of school was May 22 so technically it's been out for over a week. However, I'm not considering summer vacation to have actually begin yet, I'll save that for tomorrow. I'm totally one of those people who has to begin new things, diets, units, etc, on a Monday. But there's a more logical reason other than being neurotic.

See, I had work to do before summer could actually begin. I know everyone does, but I had some different end of the year work. First of all, I had to finish the yearbook. I am in charge of creating our school's yearbook and I love it. However, I tend to put off the bulk of the work until the spring and then I'm crunched for time to get it in by the deadline. There's another dirty little secret, I'm a horribly procrastinator. Anywho, in addition to finishing the yearbook, I also had to finish packing up my classroom and bringing home my stuff. I'd been working at that for several weeks prior to the end of the school year so I had a good handle on it. But these two seemingly small tasks were, in fact, quite daunting. But with a lot of work I was able to finish them up by Thursday. Due to my moving to a different school and some other things, I didn't have any meetings this year so that ended up being a timesaver.

Thursday also happened to be Amy's last day of the school year and her faculty was having a little lunch party after the half day was over. There was some more motivation for me.

So, here I sit with summer beginning tomorrow even though I guess it began last week. Amy has meetings for the next couple of days so I am home by myself with the kids. We'll be taking it easy with Amy still at work. Lazing around sounds good and I know we all need some of that. Maybe a little time at the pool? Riding bikes? TV show marathons? The sky's the limit people, I'm living on the edge here!

But I guess I've gotten slightly off topic since the title led you to believe this post was about me moving schools. So I'll touch on that. See, it's something that's been working in me all year. God's been whispering and guiding me and I've been doing by best to listen and follow. Around Spring Break it became official, I was moving.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of change, but I'm welcoming this one. I'm excited. A new school. A new principal. New coworkers. A new classroom. New everything. Yet, ironically these things are also quite frightening. I'll be the new kid on the block again (anyone else have the song Step By Step stuck in their head now?). But that's not so bad right? It'll be refreshing. Another fun part about the move is that I am moving to the school where I went to elementary school! Where I first met Amy in 7th Grade! Also, I came to this school in 2nd Grade and that's the grade Braeden will be entering next year! So those things are pretty neat. Stella will be joining me too but Jackson will be attending the school where Amy teaches. We decided to split them for many reasons and they're both exited. I think it's going to be a great thing.
So there. The move. I know I've got my work cut out for me. The hauling of my stuff to school and unpacking alone is enough to drive me bananas. My garage is full of all of my teaching stuff. I'll need to review all of the curriculum. New block plans. New materials. Aaahhh! So much to do! But for now, it's June and I am taking the month to do nothing school related! Vacation! I'll post here, but that's about it.

Come July I want to work on some things for my TPT store and slowly (keyword slowly) begin looking at curriculum and planning. Then in August when I return I'll begin the nitty gritty stuff.

But now it's summer! It was a fantastic year and I know the summer will do it's best to compete! I hope that you're summer is awesome. Whether it has already begun or you're in single-digit countdown days. Enjoy it teacher friends!

Thanks for hopping by!

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