Monday, November 4, 2013

The One About Still Being Alive

Which I still am in case you were wondering.  

You know how life can be.  Always happening.  Always going on.  I am loving my new job, new school, new kiddos, new friends, and everything.  But I totally underestimated how much all of the newness for my family would equal so much busyness.  Oh well.

So, I've blogged before about my love of Math Journals.  Something I discovered and began using last year.  Well, I'm at it again.  I started them last month and my kids loved them!  I was so excited to begin using my own November Math Journals today!  That is, until the copier and I disagreed.  Oh well.  Life happens, remember.  So, they're copied now and we will begin them tomorrow.  My kids get so excited when I tell them we are doing something that I made.  They always feel as though I have made it just for them.  :)  But they are loving Math Journals.  Every level of student can enjoy them and it is a fun and easy way to reinforce core Math skills.  

I've lamented in past posts about how my TPT progress (making and uploading at least) has come to a screeching halt.  With no new products posted in a while.  Ugh.  Life again. But last month I saw a huge, and sudden, surge in sales.  Made me smile.  This month, just 4 days in, has proven to be the same.  It's beginning to light a fire under me and hopefully I will be able to harness all of the excitement, and find the time, to create and post some new things.  I've got a list a mile-long so the ideas are just itching to get out.  I've almost reached a milestone, for myself at least, in sales and am thinking about throwing a sale to celebrate.  I'll let you know.  Nothing huge, not like some of the big TPT names out there. But for me it's huge.  Just exciting to know that other people also like what I like and enjoy using the things that I have made for my classroom.  Collaboration is always fun, no matter who it is with!

So, I'm back.  I've got posts partially written in my head and a list of topics is always growing.  So, I hope to be back in full force this month.  This little post is just to say hi and make sure everyone, or anyone, is still out there.  

I hope the 1st Quarter, if you do quarters, of your school year is going well.  I am 2 weeks into our 2nd Quarter and all is great!  So, I'll be back soon.  Promise.  

Thanks for hopping by.

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  1. I am interested in knowing more about the Math Journals. This might be something my 8 year old granddaughter would enjoy.