Sunday, March 31, 2013

The One About the A to Z Challenge Starting

It begins tomorrow.

I'm excited!  One because I had a blast last year.  Two because I finally have a theme for my other family blog!  So, between both blogs that's 52 posts in one month and I haven't scheduled any of them yet.  Crap.  There goes my happiness.

However, I'm not totally procrastinating.  I have ideas for many of the letters.  Between that and having the themes picked out, the hardest part is done.  Now I just have the writing left to do!

So, just to recap.  Here, I will be going through my extensive library of children's books and reviewing one per letter.  I am stoked about this.  I'll be sharing my thoughts on the books and how I use it in the classroom.  Maybe I'll enlighten you to read a new book?  Maybe I'll entertain you?  Maybe I'll inspire you to reread an old favorite?  Either way, I hope the next month and 26 posts are fun for you.  Now, as for regular, non-challenge posts.  I'm not so sure yet.  They may still happen.  I mean, I'll obviously still be teaching and doing fun things in the classroom, but I just don't know if I will have time to blog about it all.  It will just depend on how the scheduling of the challenge posts go.  Regardless, there will be a lot more traffic hopping through here and that is exciting.  

So, thanks in advance for following along and I hope that you enjoy it.  Oh, and my family blog?  My theme will be the A to Z of having our 3rd child, Stella.  Being a parent the 3rd time around to a girl after having 2 boys 5 years ago has been like being a brand new parent all over again.  Head over there if you'd like to check that out too!

Happy Easter and let the challenge begin!

Thanks so much for hopping by!

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