Monday, April 1, 2013

The One About A - Arthur

Ok, so technically Arthur isn't a book, it's a series.  But let's not split hairs here.

The Arthur series by Marc Brown.  Well, most are by him.  I am sure that there are ones that are related to the TV series that are written by others.  Those are alright too.  But I'm talking about the original series.  Arthur.

I love Arthur.  He's an anteater (which also begins with "A") but I prefer the name aardvark (also beginning with "A") because it's more fun to say.  I know he doesn't look like your typical aardvark, mainly because of the lack of the long tubular nose, but if you  look back at the original, more vintage, editions of the stories you can tell he is in fact an aardvark.  Or anteater, whichever you prefer.

But I'm not here to talk about aardvarks.  Nope, I'm here to talk about Arthur.  I use these books in so many ways in my classroom.  From just fun reading to more topical storylines.  I remember reading Arthur when I was young and I think I bring that nostalgia and excitement to the reading which, in turn, gets the children excited.  At least that's what I tell myself.  :)

Arthur's Halloween, a staple during October.

Likewise is Arthur's Thanksgiving during November and Arthur's Valentine during February.  The kids love this one because of the idea of a Secret Admirer.

Arthur's Tooth and Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy both fit in with a dental health unit.

I always read Arthur Writes A Story when I begin teaching my students about the Writing Process.  

See, no matter the occasion, there's an Arthur story to fit.  What about you?  Are you an Arthur fan?  I know my wife Amy turns up her nose at Arthur, but maybe this post will convince her?  :)  What's your favorite Arthur book?  How do you use it in the classroom?  What are you waiting for?  Grab an Arthur book, or two or five, and add them to your classroom library!

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