Saturday, April 6, 2013

The One About F - Flat Stanley

Surely you've read Flat Stanley?  Right?  I know there is now a whole series of books detailing the adventures of Flat Stanley, but my favorite remains the original. 

What kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn't be fascinated with being flat and traveling in the mail?  That's a pretty cool idea. 

As I am sure many teachers do, I use this book when we are working on learning how to write letters. We read the book, write a letter to a previously chosen family member/friend who lives far away, make and decorate our own Flat Stanley, and then send him off on his own postal adventure. Then the waiting game begins as we check the mail each and every day, waiting for a reply that details everything our flat friend has been up to. 

We map out the travels on a big map. We learn a little about whenever the Stanleys have been.  We learn how to write letters and address envelopes. The kids always love this and one of my favorite parts of this book and project is the fact that, even though the idea and plans are always the same, the outcome is always different from year to year. Different kiddos. Different letters. Different locations.

What about you?  What are your feelings on Flat Stanley?  Either the original or the series?  Do you do something similar with this book or another one?  If not, you should definitely try it out, it's a lot of fun!

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  1. hello! Popping (or hopping) in from the a-z. I love teachers! Our daughter teaches high school religion. We did Flat Stanley, mailed him on. I think he's a great idea! Teaching first grade must be so much fun! I'm in a different phase of life than you, my 3 kids are grown, but I'm going to follow you, b/c I love teachers and all they contribute. And first-graders are so cute. Visit me, if you'd like. I'm helping my parents, 89 and at the other end of the can be just as interesting. :-)
    from The Dugout

    1. Thanks so much! I'll be sure to head over. I love teaching 1st Grade! Every day is an adventure and the kids are awesome!