Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The One About Z - Z is for Moose

This is one of the newest additions to my classroom library.  A cute alphabet book involving a disgruntled moose who's just trying to find his place in the book and alphabet.  When he's skipped over for "M" he tries his best to fit into every other letter's page; much to the chagrin of the narrator, Zebra.

It's nothing super fancy or special, but it is a cute alphabet book.  I typically read my alphabet books at the beginning of the year as we review the letters, their sounds, and the alphabet in general.  However, I recently got this one so we had to read it.  The kids loved it and found Moose's antics hilarious.  They also enjoyed the pictures and clever writing. If you're not familiar with it I suggest you give it a shot.

 I don't have a ton of ideas or activities for this book.  I think it fits perfectly as a simple alphabet book.  At least that's how I plan on using it next year.  What about you?  How do you use this book if you have it?  What are some ways you like to use alphabet books in your classroom?  

Thanks for hopping by!  


  1. Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.