Saturday, April 20, 2013

The One About R - Ramona

Who doesn't love Ramona?  How can you not love her?

One of my all-time favorite series from childhood.  I remember reading every one of the books when I was little.  When I began building my classroom library it was one of the first series I made sure I owned.  I've enjoyed reading these books again as an adult and read them all again for my Children's Literature class in college.  I love them.

I always read at least one book to my kiddos each year.  I usually start with Beezus and Ramona because I like things done sequentially, I don't like to jump around.  This year my kiddos really took to this book and wanted more so we moved on to Ramona the Pest.  We are finishing that book on Monday and I am hoping they will choose to start Ramona the Brave next.  The odds are in my favor as they are loving the books and whenever I read them they get so into the book they don't want to stop.  It makes me so happy!

It is always fun to read this to kids today because the original series was written in the 1950's so there are many vintage and dates wording and references.  However, the kids don't seem to mind.  Despite all of these things, they actually can still relate to Ramona. The themes covered in the books are universal and timeless.  Active children with even more active imaginations.  The struggles and plights of being a 5-6 year-old.  Plus, Ramona is just pure fun.  She's opinionated and silly.  They love her.  

I wanted to show them the latest movie based on the books, even though the likelihood that they've already seen it is pretty strong; but it is not streaming on Netflix so oh well. Maybe another time.  

One last thing about Ramona.  I have a little girl this year that reminds me of Ramona so very much.  I noticed it the very first day of school.  She fits the physical description of Ramona.  She fits the personality and demeanor of Ramona.  Her name even begins with an "R".  It's uncanny.  There have been several occasions this year when I've nearly called her Ramona, catching myself just in time!

So, what about you?  Did you love Ramona as a child?  Do you give her new life with a new generation?  What do your kiddos think?

Thanks for hopping by!  


  1. I found Ramona in our local library when my kids were little, and we all loved her!

    1. Glad you were able to share it with your kids and that they loved it!

  2. My daughter read Ramona. Awesome R word.

    1. Thanks so much! I knew instantly that "R" would be for Ramona!