Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The One About I - If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Surely you're familiar with Laura Numeroff's If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and her subsequent books written in the same fashion?  They're modern classics.  

Obviously they lend themselves well to sequencing and ordering activities.  This is always what I do with them.  They are great for teaching the sequential words: first, next, then, last.  I also (as I am sure many of you do) use them to write class stories, both orally and written down.  You know the drill.  Student A comes up with the first part, If you give a _____ a _____.  Then the next student adds on.  This continues with the class until everyone has a part in the story and it circle back around to the beginning.  

These are always fun and silly when written.  I'll be honest though, there are times when I have done this and the kids find it hilarious but I am lost in how anything relates to each other or where the comedy comes into play.  But, as long as it gets them excited about the book and writing.  With First Graders it may take a time or two before they get the hang of it, but repetition is a good thing right?

I am always surprised about how many animals have followed in the Mouse's footsteps.  The Moose and his Muffin (my second favorite), the Pig and his Pancake, the Cat and the party.  Each one is great for teaching the same ideas but my favorite remains the original.  I also love these books because the illustrations are wonderful (I'm a big picture/art fan).  That and since they are sequential and the pictures done so well, even struggling readers can enjoy them and feel successful.  Score!

So, what are you thoughts on the Mouse and his cookie?  How do you use this series in your classroom?  Any new ideas that you want to share?

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